A feeling

Once upon a time, there is a very small village, there lived an old lady in the village. Old woman has two children. Son, 17, and daughter less than 14. One day, the old lady to end to a sad face for breakfast, kids, ask her what's wrong, louis vuitton bags she said: "I don't know, get up early in the morning, always thought of disaster in the village.
The children laugh at her, says the old lady, blind to think. Son to play billiards, hit one double, location very good, definitely a blow. Opponents said, "I bet a Peso, you can't. "Everybody laughed, and son smiled, a play, it's really not, also lost a peso. Opponents asked him: "what's the matter? out so easily?" Son says: "it's easy. But my mom said, the village in the early morning disaster, I say. "Everyone laughed at him.
Win money back home. Mother and a female relative at home. He won the money, nice, saying, "Suo Zhen Ma stupid, I specially skillfully won a peso. "" How stupid he? "" Idiot can hit the double he hit No. Say his MOM woke up and said the village will have the foresight, he was flustered.

MOM says: "the elderly feeling ridiculous, and sometimes really spiritual. "Female relatives, going out buying meats, Butcher said:" a pound of flesh. "The butcher was cutting, she added:" two pounds of it! says that it will have the foresight, good extra points. "Butcher the meat to her. Again a wife, also said to be a pound, Butcher said: "two pounds of it! says wall, need something to eat, buy.
Then, the Lady says: "my child, said about four pounds of!', that she said left four pounds of meat. Butcher meat was sold for half an hour. And then kill a cow and sold out. Rumors more larger, later, villagers do not do anything, just waiting to happen.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, as always, geothermal. Musical instruments here are asphalt, hot, the musicians played always in a cool place, if in the Sun, non-drying for musical instruments apart is not available. Someone said: "this, haven't been so hot!" " Is that not so hot. "No one on the street, and no one on the square, suddenly flying a bird, came as Word of mouth:" fly and a bird on the square. "People panicked ran to see the bird.
"Men of flying birds is commonplace!" " That's right, not in this. "There is a growing tension, dare not go. Someone said: "I am a great gentlemen, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas there is nothing to be afraid of, I'm going!" Said, all fitted furniture, kids, animals. We watched him through Central Avenue, said: "he can go, we go. "So the whole village was beginning to pick up, their goods, livestock taken away. Last person left, someone said: "there are House!, don't stay here and suffer. "In connection with a house fire burned, other people also burn is like going through a war, rout. The crowd, have a feeling of the old lady says, "I said there would be disaster, saying I'm crazy!"

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Three seconds rule

Mysterious rhythm of three seconds
You might be a fan, do you ever pinch table is that they hug after the winning time? United Kingdom aimisi·Naji, a psychologist may pay attention to this matter. She watched 21 competitions of the 2008 Beijing Olympics video, and post-game hug between athletes and coaches, teammates, louis vuitton bags opponents time and discovered. Athletes and coaches from 32 countries, hold an average of three seconds at a time.
Previously, scientists adopted a cross-culture studies have shown that human behaviour "three seconds of rhythm" in their lives is widespread:
When the two shake hands swinging, stroking children's intimacy, waved goodbye, and more, its rhythm or three seconds, or a multiple of three seconds;
Photographer to shoot photos, I usually stay close to the screen for three seconds or the multiples;
On the track and field, issued a preliminary order to start interval is about three seconds;
Intermittent traffic lights from yellow to red for three seconds, this makes the driver brakes the contained;
Time is three seconds or three multiples ads lens is viewing work best;

Music of Mozart, Beethoven follows the rhythm of three seconds, it sounds very pleasing;
United States psychologists through the study of more than 10,000 appointments found met, within three seconds of the majority decision on the continued interaction with the other party.
Not only that, but many of our basic physiological activities, such as deep breathing, as well as some function of the nervous system, the duration is three seconds.
Three second sad to benefits
This phenomenon is not limited to humans. Some mammals and birds are no exception to this rule in certain physiological activities. For example, a scientist living in the Zoo's giraffe, Panda and raccoons, kangaroos and other animals studied, it was found: from chewing to defecation, while their every action is rather volatile, but the average time is three seconds.
These psychologists have long produced a guess: maybe three seconds interval is a basic unit of human perception of life, our "right now" feeling, probably in favor for three seconds. This referred to as the "three-second rule".

You don't want to overlook that as little as three seconds. Neuro-biologists believe that this rhythm is fundamentally determines the evolution of humans and society. If this rhythm time shortened, such as reduced to ten milliseconds, so even though we may be able to respond more quickly to potential threats to the outside world, but the attendant side effects are, we will always live in fear and terror. For example, in the above cases, we can clearly see a come whizzing bullets at you, like to see you hit a shot to the same. Conversely, if the pace extended to one minute, so many things that occur in the natural world, and all we will not be able to react in time. For example,Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas when an earthquake occurs, if you need a minute to react, you could run life may be lost.
All in all, it was this perfect three seconds, allows us both to external threat to respond in a timely manner, could live relatively comfortably – any change potentially detrimental to our survival.
Why is there such a "three-second rhythm?" the secret might be hidden in our brains. Scientists believe the human brain on the outside perception of things to resize once every three seconds, because the brain does not react to complex outside of things at the same time. In other words, the objective things each time you operate on your brain time to respond and make it for more than three seconds, less than three seconds, prone to errors, more than three seconds is redundant.

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Farewell locked in a prison of your own

Resentment is equal to the prison, we don't put themselves in it.
South Africa President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, a tremendous abuse. louis vuitton bags When he became President, has invited three guards who had abused him at the scene. When Mandela stood up and respectfully salute guards, and everyone present and the whole world is down. He said: "when I get out of prison when the door of the cell, leading to the free, I have made it clear, if grief and hatred cannot be left behind, so I was still in prison.

Resentment is equal to the prison. We don't put themselves in it. But many personal prison, but still deserved to feel like victims, other's persecutors. These people are not conscious, that is not consciously aware of. Their resentment against the imagined persecutions have been hidden under the unconscious, so is not in everyday life. But a person or thing can touch them when they would freak, hated to kill, hit. At that time, and they're in hell.
Miracle course: you're never angry at not for the reason you think. On the face of your husband does not care about you and love you enough, you actually is the responsibility of parents failing in the conservation, when your repressed anger, but inside there is fear because the parents don't take care of you, means that your life will be threatened, this is not a piece of cake. Spouses and children of the poor, will always be our projection, we are often out on the grievances of parents spouse and kids without realizing it.

Down resentments and expectations for parents, there is guilt. Yes, not only resentment will put you in jail, guilt will make your hands and feet handcuffed the chains, move.
All of us wait for our parents to be good for us, should have to do what. Even if the mouth does not say, and we all had so looked forward to. No parent is perfect, but every parent in every moment, and are doing the best. If you were them, in that difficult living conditions, have not received any parent-child education (awareness of when people are not developed as now, know some more correct way of raising children), their own personality and have a bunch of problems, there are also many conflicts between husband and wife, in this case, they're really doing the best. Empathy. We may become father mother do when they turn out to be all right.
Also cut was the guilt and responsibility of parents. Every child loves his parents, and many parents will use the vulnerable children that are born and deprive them, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas only use many means to control their children. So we can see that many will never grow the girls dad take care of the heating control liver) and forever childish weakling son (of a strong mother lover in disguise), sons and daughters, often unconsciously with her parents to get work for dance, lost their lost dignity, lost her joy and freedom.

So, between us and the parents of the "umbilical cord" must be cut, his true self, this will live out the best of themselves. Otherwise, your energy forever intertwined with my parents, you're tired, parents can not grow. I have seen too many examples, I myself out of here along the way. Now I put the guilt on parents and look forward to, I let them do their own, so I can be myself. This is the best gift you can give to your child, because the child had to be wealthy. You gain wisdom and spiritual freedom, is absorbed by your next generation!
So, whether you are in a kind of prison, please see what are you in jail: whether to hate or fear, is guilty or sad? because you cannot put down you do not recognize, and things you can't see. After seeing, knowing it makes you so much suffering, one day you will gradually put them, let themselves be free again!

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Smiling fish beneath the waves

Hearts in water. Water is what? is water. What is it? is the inseparable bond between us and everything. They are silky as fine hundred thousand turn back around us, nurtured us, nourishes us, drives us while also constraining us, binding us, binds us, around us. Water too little,louis vuitton bags hearts will be cool under the Sahara. There is too much water, dam-break collapsed, like the summer of 2005 in New Orleans, also flooded his eyes turn white.

All problems in life, are all relationship issues. In all relationships, your relationship with yourself is most important. It is always an umbilical cord. If you don't do well, and the relationships you've no ' peace and happiness. You can be successful, but there is no happiness; you can have a family, but the lack of warmth; you can have kids, but he's difficult to Exchange; you can be brilliant purple guests and vistors fill up the seats, but they did not have water flow a friend in need.
You'd loudly complained of the world, everyone knows the problem in your own body.

Do you love yourself? if you don't love yourself, how can you have the ability to love others? love itself is the simplest and the most complex thing. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas It does not require any cost, is a fearless soul. Each of us is not perfect, love does not complete itself is a brave act.
Has dealt with and their relationship, you have the energy and wisdom to study your relationships, and nature live in harmony. If you yourself get bruised and battered, like-v are empty of patients, where there's extra blood to immerse people!
Freely invited to swim in the water, leisure break all ties, enjoy the breeze blowing to shore, then a fancy dive back into the water, a fish smile under the waves.

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Children's children

Writer, speaker, laiao·busikaliya was invited to act as judges in a competition. The aim of the game is to find one of the most beautiful child. The winner is a 4 year old little boy. His neighbor is a old man who just lost his wife. louis vuitton bags Little boy saw the old man sitting on a bench in the yard to cry, then walked into the old man's yard, up sat down in his lap, MOM asked him what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy answered: "nothing says, I just helped him cry.

A first-year female teachers and the kids in my class discussed painting the picture of a family. Hair color in the picture has a child and other family members. A boy in the class thought this child in the painting's adopted, and one of his female classmates told him: "I know all about adoption because I was adopted. "So the adoption went through is what does it mean?" The boy asks. Girl replied: "means that a person is not born out of the mother's belly, but hearts born from his mother.

In New York, a 6 year old boy, barefoot standing in front of a shoe store. God looked at the window, despite being shivering cold, a woman approached asked the boy: "the kids you so intently watched the window, what do you see?" Boy answered: "I ask God to give me a pair of shoes.Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas "Lady pulling the boy by the hand and lead him into the shoe store and asked the clerk for boys 6 pair of socks. She also asked if I could lend her a basin filled with water and a towel, staff quickly got things as required. Behind the Lady with a boy comes to the shoe shop, take off your gloves, kids washed his feet, wipe dry with a towel for him, when the salesman came socks, ladies boys put on a pair of socks, and bought him a pair of shoes. She's all the socks to the rest of the boys. She stroked the boy's head, said to him: "the kids, you definitely feel much more comfortable now!" When she turned to leave, the boys go to hold her hand, be suffused with tears eyes looked at her and asked, "are you God's wife?"

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