Children's children

Writer, speaker, laiao·busikaliya was invited to act as judges in a competition. The aim of the game is to find one of the most beautiful child. The winner is a 4 year old little boy. His neighbor is a old man who just lost his wife. louis vuitton bags Little boy saw the old man sitting on a bench in the yard to cry, then walked into the old man's yard, up sat down in his lap, MOM asked him what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy answered: "nothing says, I just helped him cry.

A first-year female teachers and the kids in my class discussed painting the picture of a family. Hair color in the picture has a child and other family members. A boy in the class thought this child in the painting's adopted, and one of his female classmates told him: "I know all about adoption because I was adopted. "So the adoption went through is what does it mean?" The boy asks. Girl replied: "means that a person is not born out of the mother's belly, but hearts born from his mother.

In New York, a 6 year old boy, barefoot standing in front of a shoe store. God looked at the window, despite being shivering cold, a woman approached asked the boy: "the kids you so intently watched the window, what do you see?" Boy answered: "I ask God to give me a pair of shoes.Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas "Lady pulling the boy by the hand and lead him into the shoe store and asked the clerk for boys 6 pair of socks. She also asked if I could lend her a basin filled with water and a towel, staff quickly got things as required. Behind the Lady with a boy comes to the shoe shop, take off your gloves, kids washed his feet, wipe dry with a towel for him, when the salesman came socks, ladies boys put on a pair of socks, and bought him a pair of shoes. She's all the socks to the rest of the boys. She stroked the boy's head, said to him: "the kids, you definitely feel much more comfortable now!" When she turned to leave, the boys go to hold her hand, be suffused with tears eyes looked at her and asked, "are you God's wife?"

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