Farewell locked in a prison of your own

Resentment is equal to the prison, we don't put themselves in it.
South Africa President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, a tremendous abuse. louis vuitton bags When he became President, has invited three guards who had abused him at the scene. When Mandela stood up and respectfully salute guards, and everyone present and the whole world is down. He said: "when I get out of prison when the door of the cell, leading to the free, I have made it clear, if grief and hatred cannot be left behind, so I was still in prison.

Resentment is equal to the prison. We don't put themselves in it. But many personal prison, but still deserved to feel like victims, other's persecutors. These people are not conscious, that is not consciously aware of. Their resentment against the imagined persecutions have been hidden under the unconscious, so is not in everyday life. But a person or thing can touch them when they would freak, hated to kill, hit. At that time, and they're in hell.
Miracle course: you're never angry at not for the reason you think. On the face of your husband does not care about you and love you enough, you actually is the responsibility of parents failing in the conservation, when your repressed anger, but inside there is fear because the parents don't take care of you, means that your life will be threatened, this is not a piece of cake. Spouses and children of the poor, will always be our projection, we are often out on the grievances of parents spouse and kids without realizing it.

Down resentments and expectations for parents, there is guilt. Yes, not only resentment will put you in jail, guilt will make your hands and feet handcuffed the chains, move.
All of us wait for our parents to be good for us, should have to do what. Even if the mouth does not say, and we all had so looked forward to. No parent is perfect, but every parent in every moment, and are doing the best. If you were them, in that difficult living conditions, have not received any parent-child education (awareness of when people are not developed as now, know some more correct way of raising children), their own personality and have a bunch of problems, there are also many conflicts between husband and wife, in this case, they're really doing the best. Empathy. We may become father mother do when they turn out to be all right.
Also cut was the guilt and responsibility of parents. Every child loves his parents, and many parents will use the vulnerable children that are born and deprive them, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas only use many means to control their children. So we can see that many will never grow the girls dad take care of the heating control liver) and forever childish weakling son (of a strong mother lover in disguise), sons and daughters, often unconsciously with her parents to get work for dance, lost their lost dignity, lost her joy and freedom.

So, between us and the parents of the "umbilical cord" must be cut, his true self, this will live out the best of themselves. Otherwise, your energy forever intertwined with my parents, you're tired, parents can not grow. I have seen too many examples, I myself out of here along the way. Now I put the guilt on parents and look forward to, I let them do their own, so I can be myself. This is the best gift you can give to your child, because the child had to be wealthy. You gain wisdom and spiritual freedom, is absorbed by your next generation!
So, whether you are in a kind of prison, please see what are you in jail: whether to hate or fear, is guilty or sad? because you cannot put down you do not recognize, and things you can't see. After seeing, knowing it makes you so much suffering, one day you will gradually put them, let themselves be free again!

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