Three seconds rule

Mysterious rhythm of three seconds
You might be a fan, do you ever pinch table is that they hug after the winning time? United Kingdom aimisi·Naji, a psychologist may pay attention to this matter. She watched 21 competitions of the 2008 Beijing Olympics video, and post-game hug between athletes and coaches, teammates, louis vuitton bags opponents time and discovered. Athletes and coaches from 32 countries, hold an average of three seconds at a time.
Previously, scientists adopted a cross-culture studies have shown that human behaviour "three seconds of rhythm" in their lives is widespread:
When the two shake hands swinging, stroking children's intimacy, waved goodbye, and more, its rhythm or three seconds, or a multiple of three seconds;
Photographer to shoot photos, I usually stay close to the screen for three seconds or the multiples;
On the track and field, issued a preliminary order to start interval is about three seconds;
Intermittent traffic lights from yellow to red for three seconds, this makes the driver brakes the contained;
Time is three seconds or three multiples ads lens is viewing work best;

Music of Mozart, Beethoven follows the rhythm of three seconds, it sounds very pleasing;
United States psychologists through the study of more than 10,000 appointments found met, within three seconds of the majority decision on the continued interaction with the other party.
Not only that, but many of our basic physiological activities, such as deep breathing, as well as some function of the nervous system, the duration is three seconds.
Three second sad to benefits
This phenomenon is not limited to humans. Some mammals and birds are no exception to this rule in certain physiological activities. For example, a scientist living in the Zoo's giraffe, Panda and raccoons, kangaroos and other animals studied, it was found: from chewing to defecation, while their every action is rather volatile, but the average time is three seconds.
These psychologists have long produced a guess: maybe three seconds interval is a basic unit of human perception of life, our "right now" feeling, probably in favor for three seconds. This referred to as the "three-second rule".

You don't want to overlook that as little as three seconds. Neuro-biologists believe that this rhythm is fundamentally determines the evolution of humans and society. If this rhythm time shortened, such as reduced to ten milliseconds, so even though we may be able to respond more quickly to potential threats to the outside world, but the attendant side effects are, we will always live in fear and terror. For example, in the above cases, we can clearly see a come whizzing bullets at you, like to see you hit a shot to the same. Conversely, if the pace extended to one minute, so many things that occur in the natural world, and all we will not be able to react in time. For example,Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas when an earthquake occurs, if you need a minute to react, you could run life may be lost.
All in all, it was this perfect three seconds, allows us both to external threat to respond in a timely manner, could live relatively comfortably – any change potentially detrimental to our survival.
Why is there such a "three-second rhythm?" the secret might be hidden in our brains. Scientists believe the human brain on the outside perception of things to resize once every three seconds, because the brain does not react to complex outside of things at the same time. In other words, the objective things each time you operate on your brain time to respond and make it for more than three seconds, less than three seconds, prone to errors, more than three seconds is redundant.

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