A feeling

Once upon a time, there is a very small village, there lived an old lady in the village. Old woman has two children. Son, 17, and daughter less than 14. One day, the old lady to end to a sad face for breakfast, kids, ask her what's wrong, louis vuitton bags she said: "I don't know, get up early in the morning, always thought of disaster in the village.
The children laugh at her, says the old lady, blind to think. Son to play billiards, hit one double, location very good, definitely a blow. Opponents said, "I bet a Peso, you can't. "Everybody laughed, and son smiled, a play, it's really not, also lost a peso. Opponents asked him: "what's the matter? out so easily?" Son says: "it's easy. But my mom said, the village in the early morning disaster, I say. "Everyone laughed at him.
Win money back home. Mother and a female relative at home. He won the money, nice, saying, "Suo Zhen Ma stupid, I specially skillfully won a peso. "" How stupid he? "" Idiot can hit the double he hit No. Say his MOM woke up and said the village will have the foresight, he was flustered.

MOM says: "the elderly feeling ridiculous, and sometimes really spiritual. "Female relatives, going out buying meats, Butcher said:" a pound of flesh. "The butcher was cutting, she added:" two pounds of it! says that it will have the foresight, good extra points. "Butcher the meat to her. Again a wife, also said to be a pound, Butcher said: "two pounds of it! says wall, need something to eat, buy.
Then, the Lady says: "my child, said about four pounds of!', that she said left four pounds of meat. Butcher meat was sold for half an hour. And then kill a cow and sold out. Rumors more larger, later, villagers do not do anything, just waiting to happen.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, as always, geothermal. Musical instruments here are asphalt, hot, the musicians played always in a cool place, if in the Sun, non-drying for musical instruments apart is not available. Someone said: "this, haven't been so hot!" " Is that not so hot. "No one on the street, and no one on the square, suddenly flying a bird, came as Word of mouth:" fly and a bird on the square. "People panicked ran to see the bird.
"Men of flying birds is commonplace!" " That's right, not in this. "There is a growing tension, dare not go. Someone said: "I am a great gentlemen, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas there is nothing to be afraid of, I'm going!" Said, all fitted furniture, kids, animals. We watched him through Central Avenue, said: "he can go, we go. "So the whole village was beginning to pick up, their goods, livestock taken away. Last person left, someone said: "there are House!, don't stay here and suffer. "In connection with a house fire burned, other people also burn is like going through a war, rout. The crowd, have a feeling of the old lady says, "I said there would be disaster, saying I'm crazy!"

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